How to get to Tiddely Pom:    
In brief:
    To get to Tiddely Pom (293 Evans Loop), you drive 28kms south from Northcliffe, turn right onto Evans Loop, and it is the 4th house on the right.
In Detail:
   Travel south from Northcliffe about 28kms.    Shortly after the 60kph sign you will see the sign-posted entrance for Windy Harbour. Do not turn left here - continue straight ahead.
   50 meters further on is the Salmon Beach road on your right. Continue straight past that as well.
   50 meters past that the bitumen road ends and becomes a limestone road (Gardner rd) at the 15kph sign. Please obey the speed signs. The maximum speed in the whole settlement is 15kph only.
   Continue straight ahead on the limestone road.
   After 250 meters turn right onto Evan's loop.
   This is the first turn you make since leaving Northcliffe.
   Tiddely Pom is the 4th house on the right - 293 Evans loop.