Tiddely Pom
Accommodation at Windy Harbour

front of house

Tiddley Pom offers recently renovated accommodation where one can experience the peace and quiet of this unique seaside village. Relax on the sunny north-facing deck or sit and watch the birds feeding on the bottle brush from the shaded south-facing veranda. Windy Harbour has no reticulated power supply so guests can experience living 'off grid' in this solar powered hideaway. See below for more details.
queen bed

Queen size bed

The sunken room has a queen bed and bunk beds.


Main Bathroom

Huge modern shower, washing machine and separate toilet.


Sun Deck

North facing. Great for lounging, watching clouds, reading books and observing New Holland honeyeaters.


Custom built Kitchen

Sunny. Large fridge. Hand crafted wooden cabinets, gas stove, rain water and island bench.

front veranda

Front Verandah

Overlooking grevillia and bottlebrush.

paved drive way

Paved drive way

It's easy to find on Evans Loop. 4th on your right and the only paved driveway in Windy Harbour! Park in the new carport! BBQ available.


Lounge room

Wood fire, dining table and comfy lounge.